The Bailiff’s Department is charged with primary responsibility for security at the Bedford Municipal Court, including courtroom proceedings. The Bailiff’s Department has many other duties however, including service of subpoenas and some post-judgment executions. Bedford Municipal Court’s Bailiff Department is headed by Chief Bailiff John Pfaff.

Individuals who have been granted writs of restitution must contact the Bailiff’s Department to schedule a move-out date for their tenant. It is the landlord’s responsibility to secure a moving company and notify that company of the date and time of the actual move-out. Landlords with eviction questions should contact Mr. Pfaff at (440) 735-6631.

The Bailiff’s department also oversees vehicle immobilizations. Individuals who have had their vehicle seized or otherwise immobilized must contact Mr. Pfaff at (440) 735-6631 with any questions regarding their vehicles.