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Traffic Division

Generally traffic citations involving a required court appearance (known as non-waiverable offenses) will be handled by the deputy clerk responsible for the charging municipality. Most traffic citations are heard by a Traffic Magistrate on one session during each week, although many municipalities stagger their appearance time during that session.

Motions for continuances and other pleadings involving simple traffic cases will be processed by the Traffic division.

It is strongly suggested that each person scheduled for an appearance before the Traffic Magistrate bring their ticket and proof of insurance with them to court.

Waiverable offenses do not require a court appearance, and you can calculate the amount needed to pay for a waiverable offense by consulting the Waiver Schedule contained within our website.

Criminal Division

The criminal division handles all criminal cases, distribution of court and appointed attorneys. Each municipality is handled by a specific deputy clerk within the criminal division of the Clerk’s office. Motions and pleadings filed in criminal cases, pre-trial conferences, motion hearings and trials will be processed by the deputy clerk responsible for the charging municipality. The same deputy clerk will process requests for continuances and re-scheduled hearing dates.

Each municipality is represented by a prosecutor. Prosecutors for the Bedford Municipal Court do not have in-court offices, and generally cannot be reached by calling the Court. However, each prosecutor is expected to be at Court during their regularly scheduled arraignment docket. The Prosecution section of the website will provide you with information to assist you in reaching the prosecutor handling your case.

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