The Bedford Municipal Court has a Probation Department which oversees all persons placed on probation as the result of criminal charges. The goal of probation is to monitor compliance with the sentence imposed by the Judge thereby reducing the likelihood of further criminal activity. The Bedford Municipal Court Probation Department is run under the direction of Chief Probation Officer Rhys Tucker.

Each probationer will be assigned to a probation officer who will supervise the terms of their probation, and provide assistance to the probationer in complying with those terms. The probation department has established standard rules for probation in addition to any requirements imposed by the sentencing Judge. The standard rules for probation are provided for your convenience, but you are urged to remember that these are minimum requirements, and additional conditions may be imposed by the Judge.

General Rules of Active Probation

  • Defendants are required to report to their probation officer as directed.
  • Upon reporting to the Probation Dept., and when in Court, Defendants shall conduct themselves in an orderly manner.
  • Defendants shall pay all restitution, court costs, fines and other Court directed fees.
  • Defendants shall inform their probation officer immediately of any changes in residence, telephone number or employment.
  • Defendants shall obey all local, state and federal laws. Defendants shall report any new arrests immediately to their probation officer.
  • Defendants must report to the Probation Dept. as scheduled, free from the influence of alcohol or other nonprescription, mood-altering chemicals. When requested, Defendants must submit as directed to observed drug and alcohol testing.
  • Defendants shall inform their probation officer if they are currently under a physician’s care. The only controlled substance a Defendant is permitted to have or use are those properly prescribed by a doctor. Proof of any such prescription must be produced to the probation officer, if requested, and a Defendant must take any such medication as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Defendants may not leave the state without prior notice to the probation officer. Defendants must notify their probation officer prior to any circumstances which would render them unable to report to the Probation Department within 12 hours for random drug testing.
  • Defendants shall waive their Fourth Amendment rights regarding search and seizure by their probation officer. Any search may include the Defendant’s person, vehicle, residence as well as any other property or area under his/her control.
  • These conditions may be modified upon approval of the Court and notice to the Defendant. Defendants shall acknowledge that they have read or have had read to them the conditions of active probation. Defendants shall further acknowledge that they understand these rules and have received a copy of these rules. Until such time the terms of probation are modified, they shall remain in effect as written. Defendants must understand that failing to comply with one or more of the conditions of probation may result in a violation hearing and imposition of any suspended jail sentence.

Each Defendant placed on probation will be required to meet with his or her assigned probation officer, and will be personally instructed in the terms of conditions of their probation.

Defendants on Active Probation are required to meet with their assigned probation officer during “Report Week”. Report week is the first full week of every month. Defendants can come into the Probation Department Monday through Thursday at any time between the hours of 8:30.m. and 10:30a.m., then from 1:30 p.m. to 4:15.m. Phone calls will not be accepted to reschedule appointments during report week, and failure to report may result in the scheduling of a probation violation hearing.